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Afghan Kush - White Label Seeds

The original 'AK', brought from the heart of the Hindu Kush mountain range where its genotype has been selected and perfected over centuries.
Cannabis Seed Description!

The original ‘AK’, brought from the heart of the Hindu Kush mountain range where its genotype has been selected and perfected over centuries to be the ultimate source of cannabis resin. Fragrant north Indian charas and sticky black Afghani hashish are both largely produced from Kush plants — a subset of the Indica family which may be considered definitive examples of that line.

Afghan Kush produces a heavy yield and remains compact, especially working with clones. There is a jump in height at the onset of blooming, due to this strain’s natural vigour. Leaves are broad-bladed and dark green. Afghan Kush buds develop into massive, blunt-topped, resin-saturated nuggets of pure Indica goodness.


  • Flowering: 47 - 55 days
  • Yield: 110 g
  • Height: 100 - 140 cm
  • Indica
Popular Seed Picker Statistics
Afghan Kush is a fantastic cannabis strain from White Label Seeds which is currently only available in a Regular Cannabis Seed Option. Afghan Kush ranks amongst the Most Popular Cannabis Seeds in our shop! This high quality cannabis seed is produced by White Label Seeds and is one of the huge number of popular cannabis seeds that you can buy as a Pick and Mix Single Cannabis Seed option this May in Popular Seeds! Afghan Kush has a 12/12 Photoperiod Flowering Period and its Indica / Sativa profile can best be described as Indica. The correct environment for this strain is listed by the breeder as Indoor Environments. Exactly how strong Afghan Kush is is not currently known and this strain is generally thought of as an average yielder. White Label Seeds have listed the indoor height for this strain as Medium (81cm - 140cm) and while there are always a great many different influences in a particular cannabis strain, categories of seeds which have influenced Afghan Kush are: IBL;Asia-Central;Afghan Kush Strains. White Label Seeds have a large range of other seeds available for purchase at Popular Seeds this May. Afghan Kush has been marked as having a Short (up to 55 days) Indoor Flowering Time and no Optimal Outdoor Harvest Time information is available. One of the most remarkable things about Afghan Kush from White Label Seeds is its wonderful odor and taste that can best be described as Hashy in its flavour and smell!
This product page was updated on Wednesday 22nd of May 2019 .
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Seed Review Starshsyn
fast and optional delivery,good prices and huge selection , seed city is the best :D...
Seed Review Starsraptor
Received my order today. Fast delivery, good stealth, good price, 2 free seeds. Awsome! I'll be...
Seed Review StarsRichard
I just want to say this company is very good. I know some people would be worried about ordering fro...
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