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Wonder Kush - SickMeds Seeds

The latest offering from the SickMeds stable combines the incredibly potent William's wonder with an F3 Jedi Kush female.The William's Wonder has tamed the lank
Cannabis Seed Description!
The latest offering from the SickMeds stable combines the incredibly potent William's wonder with an F3 Jedi Kush female.The William's Wonder has tamed the lanky nature of the Jedi Kush, whilst the Jedi Kush has added an abundance of trichome coverage, flavour and has made the effect of the Williams more sociable.
Most plants with look like they have been sprinkled with fairy dust whilst smelling of home made lemonade. Some aromas from the William's Wonder carry over along with the citrus edge from the Jedi Kush. The scents from the William's Wonder triggered memories of a forest stroll in springtime. Musky scents along with pine, ferns and fresh grass, you can almost imagine yourself taking a stroll through a forest on a spring morning, a blanket of bluebells visible through the thick early morning mist.
Flavours generally are a combination of the two parents, smooth lemon meringue coupled with kushy, hashy and subtle pine. The effect of this strain is blissful, a pleasant floaty sensation, one which your outlook becomes positive, your body feels like its wrapped in cotton wool yet no debilitating effects or couch lock like the William's Wonder. A practical strain for any hour of the day.
If feeling a little gravelicious and over indulge then be prepared to spend a few hours in hypnotic thought whilst glued to a seat as the Williams edge overtakes the Jedi kush in effect.
  • Medical uses: Anxiety, pain relief, nausea, insomnia and eating disorders.
  • Name: Wonder Kush
  • Type: Indica Dominant 
  • Line: Jedi Kush F3 x William´s Wonder 
  • Flowering: 55 - 65 Days
  • Yield: 500g/m2
Popular Seed Picker Statistics
Wonder Kush is a fantastic cannabis strain from SickMeds Seeds which is currently only available in a Regular Cannabis Seed Option. This high quality cannabis seed is produced by SickMeds Seeds and is one of the huge number of popular cannabis seeds that you can buy as a Pick and Mix Single Cannabis Seed option this May in Popular Seeds! Wonder Kush has a 12/12 Photoperiod Flowering Period and its Indica / Sativa profile can best be described as Indica Dominant. The correct environment for this strain is listed by the breeder as Indoor;Outdoor Environments. Wonder Kush is a Super Strength Cannabis Seed and this strain is generally thought of as an average yielder. SickMeds Seeds have listed the indoor height for this strain as Medium (81cm - 140cm) and while there are always a great many different influences in a particular cannabis strain, categories of seeds which have influenced Wonder Kush are: Hybrid;North American and Canadian;Medicinal Strains. SickMeds Seeds have a large range of other seeds available for purchase at Popular Seeds this May. Wonder Kush has been marked as having a Medium (56 to 90 days) Indoor Flowering Time and has an Optimal Outdoor Harvest Time of Middle of September;The End of September. One of the most remarkable things about Wonder Kush from SickMeds Seeds is its wonderful odor and taste that can best be described as Citrus;Hashy;Lemon;Musky;Piney in its flavour and smell!
This product page was updated on Thursday 28th of May 2020 .
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Good customer services, fast and discreet delivery, great discounts, prices. best search filter to s...
Seed Review StarsVincent
Got my seeds in ten days the almost all sprouted in ten days out the pot I'll be ordering more...
Seed Review StarsEAGLE SKY
I hope that through Alipay or credit card payment instead of bitcoin...
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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020 14:08


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