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Kush Brothers Seeds

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Confidential Medicine - Kush Brothers Seeds

In 2001 we got a perfect selection of OG Kush very therapeutic effect, working for a long time with this clone which we use father for this crossing to bring in...



Confidential OG - Kush Brothers Seeds

This selection of OG Kush is one of our favorite parents, he worked in many of our varieties for their contribution in times of flowering force and power....



Exotic Kush - Kush Brothers Seeds

After a long and delicate work and we list one of our best creations. Exotic Kush part of a selection of Mango. And after a long work of selection we chose a ve...



Langui Kush - Kush Brothers Seeds

Kush Brothers - Langui Kush now available in Popular Seeds! Images and info coming soon!...

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Malibu - Kush Brothers Seeds

Malibu belongs to the Dark Side online. This variety has been created for all lovers of sativa plants with a psychedelic and energizing effect. Its aroma and fl...



Mass Kush - Kush Brothers Seeds

This variety is spectacular in every way. For this reason we have, decided to include it in our catalog for its fantastic aroma, flavor, power, production, resi...

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Pendemia Kush - Kush Brothers Seeds

Kush Brothers - Pendemia Kush now available in Popular Seeds!...

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Petro $ OG - Kush Brothers Seeds

Kush Brothers - Petro $ OG ow available in Popular Seeds! Pictures and info coming soon!...

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The Dark Side - Kush Brothers Seeds

This variety is one of the most appreciated we have in our catalog because it is a plant with low nutrition will give very high yields. Its buds have aromas of...



Yellow Stone - Kush Brothers Seeds

This is one of the varieties belonging to our DarkSide line. The Dark Side We cross our selection of Cheese and got so bring that touch so characteristic and sw...



Last Updated: Thursday, 21 March 2019 18:16


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