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Ace Silver Haze + - Green Label Seeds

Inexperienced smokers beware: the mind blowing, crystal-clear high of Ace Silver Haze can easily take one by surprise. Its odour is spicy and powerful, and so i...


AK Widow 47 - Green Label Seeds

AK Widow 47 AK Widow 47 consists of two strains that can be found on virtually every coffeeshop menu in the Netherlands: AK 47 and White Widow.AK 47 brings a...


Amnesia - Green Label Seeds

This strain "exploded" at the scene of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam in late 2000, and his fame quickly spread to other parts of the world. His intense but uplif...



Auto Silver Haze - Green Label Seeds

Auto Silver Haze is one of those rare autoflowering strains that contain a large portion of sativa traits....


Automatic Amnesia - Green Label Seeds

Strong, stronger, Amnesia! Our Automatic version of yet another coffeeshop classic that captivates the original punch that gave the Amnesia strain its name.Auto...



Automatic Easy Skunk - Green Label Seeds

This automatic version of the renowned (and particularly aromatic) Skunk variety Cheese is guaranteed to create a relaxing, full body stone and is favoured by b...



Automatic Mary - Green Label Seeds

Automatic Mary This autoflowering variety is a cross between Ruderalis and Santa Maria. Automatic Mary has inherited the mind-blowing potency and sweet flavo...


Automatic Mega Bud - Green Label Seeds

Whereas most automatic strains stay relatively small, Automatic Mega Bud proves that an impressive yield....


Automatic Widow - Green Label Seeds

Automatic Widow is a fast, yet potent autoflowering variety that is increasingly used by commercial growers....



Berry Delight - Green Label Seeds

Berry Delight Berry Delight is a strain that is admired for its great taste and vigorous growth. Berry Delight maintains the delicious smell Blueberry is kno...



Big Jack - Green Label Seeds

Big Jack is a hybrid with a soaring haze high mixed with thick resin production of the heaviest yielding indicas....



Blue Grape Dream - Green Label Seeds

For this cross we used two exceptionally fruity strains, Blueberry and Grapefruit....


Easy Skunk - Green Label Seeds

For a long time, the original Cheese was only available as clone-only strain....


Everest Bud - Green Label Seeds

Everest Bud With THC-glinstering buds reminiscent to the ever white peaks of Mt Everest, Everest Bud is a safe bet for those who like old-school white variet...



Frosty Kush - Green Label Seeds

Frosty Kush Extremely sticky, solid nugs and a strong hitting high is what you can expect from this Kush variety.Frosty Kush enjoys to be grown in a SOG styl...



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