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Ceres Seeds

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Ceres Indoor Mix - Ceres Seeds

These packs contain a surprise, and is guaranteed to give you the best of each of our classics at a great price. With Ceres Seeds Indoor Mix, you don’t have to...



Ceres Kush - Ceres Seeds

Kush has made a glorious come-back. This pure Indica, with it's roots in Afghanistan and India, grows hard nuggets on a short compact plant. It has a specific h...



Ceres Skunk - Ceres Seeds

The huge, crystal coated buds, the scent and the knocked-out effect of this heavy yielding plant have a solid and long lasting impact on all six senses. Ceres...



Coffeeshop Classics - Easy Rider Automatic - Ceres Seeds

Easy Rider is a great choice for the busy grower or for growing under less than optimal circumstances. She requires less attention, and is therefore less demand...



Coffeeshop Classics - Feminised Mix - Ceres Seeds

Ceres Seeds have made a ‘snack pack’ with a random selection from our high quality feminized varieties. A potpourri of female superstars, you might get an Orang...



Coffeeshop Classics - Holland's Hope - Ceres Seeds

For a long time Holland's Hope was the only variety that could resist the Dutch rain. due to its famous and much-appreciated mould resistance, this strain is id...



Coffeeshop Classics - Orange Bud - Ceres Seeds

Orange Bud has remained among growers' favorite picks. When up and running, the Orange Bud is a sheer delight to have around; a wonderful, sweet smell, and the...



Coffeeshop Classics - Purple - Ceres Seeds

Thanks to its smooth, playful effects and its excellent growing capacities, the Purple is one of the best choices for home growing, indoors as well as outdoors...



Coffeeshop Classics - Skunk Haze - Ceres Seeds

Skunk Haze gives off that delicious smell of fruity haze with an undertone of the Skunk's earthy musk. The Skunk genetics are noticeably there, with lots of res...



Coffeeshop Classics - White Widow - Ceres Seeds

White Widow is one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world; almost every Amsterdam coffeeshop has it in stock. Both smell and flavour are truly excell...



Fruity Thai - Ceres Seeds

Fruity Thai is a tropical surprise, a blend of 'Dutch' varieties and original thai give you the best of both sides of the Indica/Sativa spectrum: A fresh & swee...



Lemonesia - Ceres Seeds

Lemonesia is a feminized cannabis seed by the Ceres Seed Bank, these feminized marijuana seeds produce female plants thus avoiding the need to sex your plant. C...



Northern Lights x Skunk #1 - Ceres Seeds

NORTHERN LIGHTS x SKUNK#1 is an outstanding hybrid which has proven itself a cornerstone in the Cannabis world. This quick flowering variety is extremely potent...


White Indica - Ceres Seeds

If you’re looking for the plant with the highest yield, look no further. White Indica grows buds like no other girl around. She is a shorty that does not carry...


White Panther (AKA White Smurf) - Ceres Seeds

The multiple award winning White Panther, f.k.a. White Smurf, is the original white dwarf. It is an excellent strain, the connoisseur's favorite, and a multiple...



Last Updated: Thursday, 21 March 2019 03:15


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