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SALE - Amnesia #7 - Exotic Seed - Exotic Seed

Hybrid resulting from the crossing of the famous Amnesia from the Hy-Pro home and our male PP # 7 selection....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Auto Blueberry Diesel - Lowlife Seeds

Auto Blueberry Diesel: This is a direct F1 cross of our auto diesel and our auto blueberry strains, this is packs a mean punch and has massive resinated colas w...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Botafumerios - Sweet Seeds - Sweet Seeds

Variety created from a predominately Sativa genetic selection, suitable for cultivation both indoors and outdoors. The long flowering period of this variety, ab...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Brotherhood OG - Karma Genetics - Karma Genetics

This is original Happy Brother crossed with OG kush. It gives you nice body and muscle relaxation. Its one of those you need to eat skittels to get the taste ou...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Buford OG - Rare Dankness Seeds - Rare Dankness Seeds

Slight Variation in phenotypes according to yield and structure but all carry heavy resin production, high calyx to leaf ratio, and typical OG lemon and lime Ku...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Bulk Smash Auto - Dr Krippling - Dr Krippling Seeds

Dr. Krippling Seeds - Bulk Smash Auto now available in Seed City! More info and pictures coming soon....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - California Dream - Mandala Seeds - Mandala Seeds

The attractive buds have a typical conical shape with towers of resiny calyxes. Some buds are denser than others but the differences are minimal....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - CBD Hammer Shark - CBD Botanic - CBD Botanic

This variety is the result of 4 years research. It is a cross of Hammer Shark, a strain of the highest quality. It’s bulky structure and the fact it is easy to...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Chem4 OG - Cali Connection Seeds - Cali Connection Seeds

The famed Chem 4 clones found by our buddy up in Nor Cal, Joe Brand, and we took his clone and crossed with SFV OG IBL male to make the reg seeds. She will crea...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Cookie G13 - SuperAutos by Stitch - SuperAutos by Stitch

Cookie G13 by Flash Seeds now available in Seed City. Images and description coming soon!...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Copacabana SuperAuto - Flash Seeds - Flash Seeds

From the bay of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, comes the famous bay black variety which was given to me years ago by a friend on the beach of Copacabana. This inspir...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Cotton Candy Cane - Emerald Triangle - Emerald Triangle Seeds

We have crossed our own Blueberry Headband with Sweet Tooth to produce this super high yielding and very sweet smelling tasty lady....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Critical Soma - Advanced Seeds - Advanced Seeds

Critical Soma is a true super hybrid, combine in a plant the speed, productivity and power of our Critical genetics with the delicious taste of Somango....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Deep Neville - Medical Seeds - Medical Seeds

After much appreciate it and seeing the professionalization of the sector we have decided to return to the roots and get a regular strain. The famous Nevill's...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Devil Kush - Exotic Seed - Exotic Seed

Devil Kush was born of an experimental cross between a male Purkle x OG kush and a specimen of Sir jack....

You Save:  30.00%


Last Updated: Monday, 19 February 2018 21:34


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