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SALE - Atomic Sour - Dank Genetics - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Is a another banger coming out the dank genetics line up oozing with strong OG gas with hints of sour growing nice cone shaped buds easy to trim perfect for the...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Auto Big Skunk 47 - Seed City Bulk Cannabis Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Auto Big Skunk 47 now available from Popular Seeds in bulk quantities....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Auto Lemon Bubble - Pheno Finder Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

This was a side project started by Pheno Finder head breeder it’s the Lemon Bubble crossed with the Lowryder 2, the results of this was crossed again with the L...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Autopilot XXL - Ministry of Cannabis - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Autopilot XXL has been developed to bring the characters of our Big Bud XXL into an auto-flowering form. This strain is an indica dominant and has a bigger size...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Barbara Bud - House of the Great Gardener - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Barbara Bud is a superstar for so many reasons. Named after a well-known radio host, this Shishkaberry/GG #1 cross is easy to grow and finishes quickly....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Black Domina Automatic - Sagarmatha Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

This is a cross between Black Domina and with some Ruderalis possibly Lowryder as with most other auto’s....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Blueberry Headband x SCBDX - Super CBDx Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

This super high yielder, known for its vigorous veg growth and tight internodal stacking will produce long, large colas. Blueberry Headband has heavy diesel ove...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Brainstorm Haze G13 - Delta 9 Labs - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

The Brainstorm Haze G13 came to fruition during the selection process with the original Brainstorm Haze around the time we had acquired the male G13 cutting fro...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Burmese - BC Bud Depot - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Burmese is easy to grow, easy to clone and very stable. Don't veg this mostly sativa for too long too avoid possible height problems....

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Caramelo Fast Version - Delicious Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

From a spectacular selection combining Lavender’s finest Indica and Sativa traits ( SUPER SKUNK – BIG SKUNK KOREAN – AFGHANI-HAWAIIAN ), comes a strain with exc...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Casper OG - Archive Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

Quite possibly one of the more original OG Kush cuttings out there due to it's traceable and documented history. An extremely complex OG Kush that carries all t...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - CBD Hammer Shark - CBD Botanic - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

This variety is the result of 4 years research. It is a cross of Hammer Shark, a strain of the highest quality. It’s bulky structure and the fact it is easy to...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Cheese Dog Haze - Connoisseur Genetics - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

For this strain i took my cheesedog which ticks a lot of boxes, big yield, great flavour and a heavy hitter and then hybridized her with my favourite strain the...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Chicle aka BubbleDawg - TH Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

In order to relaunch the Original Bubble Gum - the Sagemasta crossed it with a Chemdawg male. We then sent the seeds to our Spanish partners for selection. Ou...

You Save:  30.00%


SALE - Chronic Lights - Original Sensible Seeds - Cannabis Seed Sale Items

For beginners and those new to growing cannabis seeds, the Original Sensible Chronic Lights is a great place to start. It's strong, it's powerful, and boy does...

You Save:  30.00%


Last Updated: Sunday, 15 July 2018 21:13


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