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Purple Haze x Malawi - Ace Seed bank

Purple Haze x Malawi is an old school F1 pure sativa hybrid, with strong Purple Haze dominance and improved vigour, yield, potency and the giant trichomes from
Cannabis Seed Description!
Purple Haze x Malawi is an old school F1 pure sativa hybrid, with strong Purple Haze dominance and improved vigour, yield, potency and the giant trichomes from our Malawi.

In order to create this spectacular sativa, our best Purple Haze was pollinated by the killer Malawi. The powerful African genes add a new dimension to the super sativa Haze concept, creating one of our most interesting 'sativa Haze' hybrids.
  • Tipo F1 HYBRID
  • Format Feminized and Regular
  • Sativa / Indica ratio 100 % sativa
  • THC 18-23 %
  • CBD 0.2 %
  • CBG 0.3 %
  • Flowering indoors 13-15 weeks
  • Flowering outdoors November
  • Yield High
  • Resistance against spider mites Average
  • Resistance against powder mildew Average-High
  • Resistance against botrytis High
  • Resistance against white fly Average-High
  • Resistance against cold Average-High
  • Resistance against heat High
  • Latitude 0º-43º
  • Genetics Purple Haze #23 x Malawi Killer.
  • Structure Tall and thin sativa, with strong lateral branching.
  • Bouquet Exotic aroma of blackberry liquour, red wine, spices, incense and wood, with citric touches. Oily and fermented background.
  • High Powerful, long lasting and stimulating effect of premium quality.
  • Terpene profile It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: high amounts of beta myrcene (45 %) and alpha pinene (31 %), and smaller quantities of beta pinene, linalool, camphene, delta 3 carene, limonene, beta ocimene and traces of terpinene, ocimene, p-cymene, eucalyptol, terpinolene, isopulegol and geraniol. Sesquiterpenes: small amounts of beta caryophyllene, alpha humelene, nerolidol 1, nerolidol 2 and traces of guaiol, caryophyllene oxide and bisabolol.
  • Growing Tips It can be grown indoors with strong light intensity and with enough space for its development. We recommend to switch her into flowering after 15 days from seed, or starting from clones rooted for at least 7 days. We recommend 11 (light)/13 (darkness) photoperiod for the flowering indoors, in order to boost the flowering, and to avoid reflowerings or excessive stretching in early flowering. Very suitable for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning. Outdoors, it is especially suitable for outdoor cultivation in tropical or subtropical climates, although it can be cultivated with very good results in warm coastal climates of mild autumn (similar to the Mediterranean) up to latitudes close to 43º. We recommend low-moderate levels of nutrients for the whole cycle, especially of nitrogen.
Popular Seed Picker Statistics
Purple Haze x Malawi is a great cannabis seed from Ace Seed bank which is available in both Regular and Feminized Cannabis Seed Varieties! Purple Haze x Malawi ranks amongst the Most Popular Cannabis Seeds in our shop! This high quality cannabis seed is produced by Ace Seed bank and is one of the huge number of popular cannabis seeds that you can buy as a Pick and Mix Single Cannabis Seed option this December in Popular Seeds! Purple Haze x Malawi has a 12/12 Photoperiod Flowering Period and its Indica / Sativa profile can best be described as Sativa. The correct environment for this strain is listed by the breeder as Indoor;Outdoor Environments. Purple Haze x Malawi is a Super Strength Cannabis Seed and it is also generally a high yielding cannabis strain making it perfect for people looking for a Huge Yield! Ace Seed bank have listed the indoor height for this strain as Tall (140cm plus) and while there are always a great many different influences in a particular cannabis strain, categories of seeds which have influenced Purple Haze x Malawi are: Hybrid;Africa and Middle East;Asia-Central;Asia-South East;Central America and Caribbean;Hawaiian;South American;Haze Strains;Purple Strains. Ace Seed bank have a large range of other seeds available for purchase at Popular Seeds this December. Purple Haze x Malawi has been marked as having a Long (91 days plus) Indoor Flowering Time and has an Optimal Outdoor Harvest Time of Middle of November. One of the most remarkable things about Purple Haze x Malawi from Ace Seed bank is its wonderful odor and taste that can best be described as Berry;Fruity;Incense;Spicy;Woodsy in its flavour and smell!
This product page was updated on Thursday 7th of December 2023 .
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Seed Review StarsLee
Best seed bank in the UK. Ordered several times. Consistent reliability...
Seed Review StarsH117
Great attention to detail, only love the dvd case!!! Great value and even better service, very pleas...
Seed Review StarsChris
First time buying here and the selection is amazing, pricing is good too! The whole process from the...
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